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vb questions 11

LockEdits property to False - Optimistic locking - update error
What kind of error is the most expected with optmistic lock? Data changed;
operation stopped
Empty value ByVal 0&, vbNullString
Char ByVal a As Byte
Asciiz String ByVal as String
2 deferent DLLs from 2 vendors - declare private or Use the alias keyword
Adressof MyProc - Correct
In which case is a new object created? set x=new form1
Which Option will not allow to create instances : set Public to FALSE
type library and New Keyword are required for Early Binding.
How to raise an event? First to declare it, use the Event keyword,
then Raise it.
Ambient - change the background color of the control on the container
Create a license package file with a utility from the LPK_TOOL directory.
Run-time license: Application Setup Wizard
Design-time license: Application Setup Wizard
Internet license: LPK_TOOL.EXE, and create a reference to the .LPK file
To navigate between the two ActiveX documents, use the HyperLink object and
its NavigateTo method. Use the GoBack or GoForward methods to go backwards
or forwards through the History list. WebBrowser Object - Use GoHome and
Hyperlink offers a help option on Web.
Data persistence is the ability of a component to store and retrieve data.
The Internet Explorer 3.0 (and higher) and Microsoft Office Binder allows
you to write to a file using the PropertyBag.
Create separate secondary .cab files to reduce download time.
Which two project types can contain an ActiveX Document? ActiveX Dll,
ActiveX Exe.
What project types can have ActiveX documents? - All that can be a container
How to convert an ActiveX.DLL to multithread? - Make it ActiveX. EXE
Advantages of Using ActiveX Documents - Support for the Hyperlink object and
AsyncRead method
Which project template would you select to build an in-process code (ActiveX
Document DLL)?
The AsyncRead method initiates an asynchronous download.
Datatypes to be downloaded: files, pictures, byte arrays
Which 2 actions may disqualify a component for being marked as safe for
scripting? inserts in/reads from registry
When an error occurs in a component, call Err.Raise number.
Err.Source returns the name of the object that generated an Error.
Command1_Click() AND Command2_Click() call each other - Out of Stack Space
Which task can you accomplish by packaging in .cab file? register on users
Q: There is a www server application that uses ActiveX controls you
developed. When the application page is browsed with IE it does not show
the ActiveX control. What may be happening?
A1: No Internet download license file on the web server
A2: Options in the Application Setup Wizard were not used correctly
Q: Where do you define conditional compiling variables?
Command line
Project Properties dialog box (under the Make tab)
In code
•Q: Difference between debugging an ActiveX control project and an
in-process component?
A: The component code can run while the client is in Design mode
•Q: When testing a UserControl, you add a standard.exe to your project
group. UserControl in the Toolbox is dimmed. What should you do?
A: Close the UserControl designer and then test again
How to view contents of the Variant?
- Use Debug.print
- Look at the Locals window
Q: What cannot be done when an Internet Control is packaged. (Choose Two)
A: Write to a file
Read from the registry
Q: How can you build ActiveX components for Internet distribution?
A: Use the Application Setup Wizard and pick the appropriate options
Q: Which function can the Setup Wizard (Enterprise Ed.) of VB 5 perform in
addition to installing your ActiveX EXE project?
A: install your project as an ActiveX shared component
Q: What does locales show in different contexts?
A: In Visual Basic, many functions use the user's system locale, which uses
the Control Panel settings provided by the operating system to automatically
determine the conventions at run time. These functions are called
locale-aware functions.
Q: When should you use public variables instead of property procedures for
read-write properties?
A: The property is a String data type, and there is no constrain on the size
or value of the string.
Q: Where and why to use Friend methods and properties
A: The combination of public to classes in the same project and private to
the external.
Q: You have a Data Control with Bound Controls. You want to provide the
ability to abort changes in the record currently being edited and to
refresh the bound controls. How?
A: Only invoke the UpdateControls method for the Data control.
•Q: A list-box is used as a constituent control. The design window is
closed and the control inserted on a form in another project. The user
then sets the sort property of the control which in turn sets the sort
property of the control. Why does the error occur?
A: Compile the control project ?
Q: How to set properties for the individual Column objects?
A: You must make the DBGrid control UI-active: Select the right mouse
button, and choose Edit. Then use pop-up menu.
Q: How to remove column header?
A: object.ColumnHeaders = False
Q: How to refer a colmun?
A: object.ColIndex [= value]
This property returns the zero-based index of a column within the Columns
Q: How to check the value of a specific field in the current record?
A: MyString = Data1.Recordset.Fields("Title").Value
Data1.Recordset("PubID") = 43' Set the field values.
Data1.Recordset("PubID") = "12345" ' Change the value.
What are the benefits of Forms collection?
- Allows faster unloading of all forms in the project *
- Faster access
- Standardized mechanism for tracking multiple instances of a form *
- Group forms & drag the group
How to handle resizing of the label in a UserControl?
During design time - Label1_Resize
During run-time – UserControl1_resize
How to refer to the contents of the child of the selected node of a TreeView?
Set nodChild = TreeView1.Nodes(TreeView1.SelectedItem.Index).Child

•tvwMyTree.Nodes(10).Children ‘ return the number of children
tvwMyTree.Nodes(10).Parent.Text ‘ return the Text of Parent
What properties can you set while using the Add property for a list view?
•ColumnHeader object.Add(index, key, text, width, alignment, icon)
Which type of Instancing should you use for the class module?
A. private
B. multiUse
C. GlobalMultiUse
D. PublicNotCreatable *

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