Thursday, May 15, 2008

What are the models implemented in MSF? What are their purposes?

Team Model—defines a team of peers working in interdependent and
cooperating roles.
Process Model—helps your team establish guidelines for planning and
controlling results-oriented projects based on project scope, the resources
available, and the schedule.
Application Model—helps your team design distributed applications that take
optimum advantage of component reuse.
Enterprise Architecture Model—supports decisions relating to the information,
applications, and technology needed to support a business. It is the key to
successful long-term use of new technologies.
Solutions Design Model—shows how applications must be designed from a user
and business perspective (as opposed to the ideal streamlined development
proposed in the Application Model).
Infrastructure Model—establishes MSF principles for managing the people,
processes, and technology that support networks in a large enterprise.
Total Cost of Ownership Model—supports the process of assessing, improving,
and managing information technology costs and maximizing value.

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